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Harclerode, C.

OSIsoft, Houston, Texas

Craig Harclerode is a Global Oil and Gas and HPI Industry Principal at OSIsoft, where he consults with companies on how to add value to their organizations utilizing a strategic OT real-time integration, applications and analytics infrastructure. He has been focusing on digital-enabled business transformation, addressing the dimensions of people/culture and process reengineering leveraging OSIsoft tools in the areas of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)/edge, PI AF digital twins, layers of analytics, and big data to deliver transformative business value. Mr. Harclerode’s 40-yr career has spanned engineering, operations and automation in supervisory, executive management and consultative roles at Amoco Oil, Honeywell IAC and Aspen Tech.

Digital: Five best practices for adopting new digital technologies in the HPI

Harclerode, C., OSIsoft

There is much discussion and information about digital transformation, but many HPI companies are taking a different approach to integrating new digital technologies and to differentiate themselves from their peers, and are seeing truly transformative business results. HPI digital technology leaders reveal the following five best practices.

Online Exclusive: 5 best practices for adopting new digital technologies in the HPI

Harclerode, C., OSIsoft

The market place is filled with new technology buzzwords like “Big Data”, “AI” and “Cloud Computing” promising to revolutionize the HPI and leaving many feeling like they must be lagging in their adoption.