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See Who's Speaking at IRPC Americas ONLINE

For over a decade, the team at Hydrocarbon Processing has dedicated itself to hosting the premium conference for the downstream industry. This year,?in an ever-changing environment, is no different.

To be held September 22-23, IRPC Americas ONLINE?virtual conference will offer?the latest technical innovations, regional market insights and provide exceptional networking opportunities with the leaders in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

Need more reasons to register? Check out a few of this year's speakers:

  • Namal de Silva, Technology Specialist, BASF
  • Keith Couch, Senior Director-Technology Sales and Integrated Projects, Honeywell UOP
  • Michel Molinier, Senior Technical Sales Manager, ExxonMobil Corp
  • Anubhav Kapil, Technology Manager-MaxISOM, KBR
  • Vivek Chate, Senior Process Engineer, Bechtel
  • See our agenda for a complete list!

Register today to reserve your spot!

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