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IRPC Americas ONLINE: FTO, an enabling emission control technology

Peter Armstrong, VP of Business Development for Selas Linde, provided attendees of IRPC Americas ONLINE with an engaging presentation on “Sustainability, economic viability and FTO technology: A petrochemical perspective."

After presenting a brief history on sustainability in the U.S. and the need for balancing it with economic viability, Mr. Armstrong informed the audience about the nonattainment status of the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria region. Surprisingly, the air emissions were not significantly reduced by the lighter traffic caused by the pandemic and the region will need to deal with serious nonattainment levels.

?Considering the impact on the region’s petrochemical sector, Mr. Armstrong suggested that VOCs and NOx and the associated emission reduction credit (ERC) prices are expected to increase. As a solution for getting back into compliance, Mr. Armstrong presented Selas Linde’s Flameless Thermal Oxidation (FTO) technology, which produces forty times less NOx than flaring and achieves 99.999% destruction efficiency.

?Mr. Armstrong went on to present a case study of a 1.3-MMtpy polyethylene plant expansion that reached its maximum permit and showed FTO as an enabling technology in this situation. He mentioned that further details would be presented in an article to be published in Hydrocarbon Processing in October.


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